Interface Tutorial

Welcome to MyCademia!

We kindly ask that you remember MyCademia is still in its infancy, and we are still fixing a few bugs and adding a number of new features.

If you encounter any issues, you can ‘reset’ the app by visiting your inbox – this will send a signal to reload the API and will often fix minor issues.

If the app ever gets ‘trapped’ in the loading screen, simply hit the ‘Back Button’ and try again.

Sometimes it can take several attempts to resolve the issue.

Should these steps fail to resolve your problem, contact us at

MyCademia is still a prototype, and we greatly appreciate your feedback; we will work hard to ensure the quality of your user experience.


The MyCademia Main Menu


Create A New Post

Simply fill out the required fields for our matching algorithm (Subject and Course Level), and then describe your specific needs and how much you’re willing to pay. Our matching algorithm will take care of the rest.

Your Inbox

Here you can view overviews of all of your posts, both your requests for help and your offers to help.

Anytime someone has messaged you through a post, you will see a red dialogue box beside your post title in the post overview.

Posts outlined in Grey are posts you’ve created; posts outlined in Gold are posts you’ve responded to; posts highlighted in Blue are completed posts awaiting a rating.

Once a post has been rated, it will be removed from your inbox.


Click on a post to view its details, this is where you can view all relevant details relating to the request.

By clicking on the posts dialogue box you can access your ongoing discussion or initiate a new discussion for that post.


Here you can view all the posts relevant to your specified subjects of interest.

You can click an icon to view a post summary on the map. Or, click on the post summary to be taken to the post details page.


Once you’ve met your tutor and carried out your transaction, don’t forget to rate your posts! Both sides of every transaction need to be rated by the other party.


If you have any questions or problems relating to MyCademia, please contact us at .

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